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Here at onlinecasino1.co.uk we believe that casino rewards shouldn’t stop after the initial welcome bonus, which is why we decided to have a look at casino reward schemes in more detail on this page. Keep reading to learn about the different reward schemes you can expect to find before clicking on one of our links to join a casino which offers such rewards.

Different types of rewards explained by Online Casino 1

One of the principal advantages of playing with an online casino are the rewards that players can expect to receive if they keep on playing long-term. Let’s take a look at the different reward schemes you can come across if you join one of the casinos on our list:

Casino points system – This is a common reward scheme whereby players are awarded points for playing with an online casino. The more you play, the more points you will get, which you will then be able to exchange for various rewards – bonuses, free spins, and other prizes!

Power bars and level-ups – This is a nice substitute for a points scheme; usually, players will have a power bar visible on their accounts which powers up the more they play. Once it fills up, they can progress up a level and claim casino rewards, and the more levels they reach, the better the rewards normally are!

Virtual coins – Sometimes, instead of points, online casinos award players with coins, which can be exchanged for different rewards at a virtual shop. Coins can be collected as you play, or also if you participate in specific tournaments or promotions.

What's the most common type of rewards?

Rewards awarded by online casinos to their players are becoming more varied as time goes by. However, it is very common to be rewarded with a reload bonus, a cash back on losses or a good handful of free spins, some of which come wager free. With regard to promotions in particular, players can get rewarded with physical gifts, trips and huge cash prizes following a tournament or prize draw.

Nowadays, some online casinos are also tailoring their rewards to individual players by giving them an option to choose from different items at their virtual shop. For VIP players in particular, rewards may also include invites to exclusive events, luxury trips, higher table limits, birthday gifts and other physical gifts.

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