An intro to VR casino by Online Casino 1

It’s hard to dispute the fact that Virtual Reality is the next big thing when it comes to entertainment, and that it will totally revolutionise the way we experience online casino games. Learn all about it with to prepare yourself for the future of online casino!

What to expect from VR casinos

Nowadays, there are already a few online casinos which offer a VR experience, and in the next few years we expect more and more casinos to offer this experience. Players need to wear a compatible headset and it will feel like stepping into a real casino environment. In future, it can offer the possibility of meeting other players sitting next to you at the Blackjack or Poker table, and therefore online casino will also become more social and offer a better experience than just watching a live dealer via a webcam. You’ll get to immerse yourself within a real casino environment without experiencing the drawbacks related to commuting, or without having to inhale any cigarette smoke!

Online Casino 1 introduces you to VR slots

Slots have got great potential when it comes to VR, and some developers are already exploiting this possibility. Last year, NetEnt launched the first real-money Virtual Reality slot, Gonzo’s Quest VR, which really brings its popular title to life, and offers a 3D experience enabling players to watch characters move around or standing in front of the reels. Players can also turn around and get a full 360-degree view of the virtual environment, and will be even able to spot animals crawling around in the rainforest!

The cutting-edge developer Join Games has also followed suit thanks to its Kleopatra VR slot, which is a virtual reality version of its popular slot Kleopatra. What’s so special about this game is that it can also be enjoyed on mobile! Kleopatra VR immerses players within a realistic setting, specifically inside Kleopatra’s Royal Palace. To enjoy this experience, players need to wear a head-mounted display gadget which may be connected to any android device.

Discover new possibilities with!

Looks like Virtual Reality is here to stay, and shall pave the way for the future of online casino. If you’d like to experience it immediately, browse for the above VR slots at the casinos on our list, and make sure you visit our website regularly to discover new possibilities!