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When you visit an online casino such as the ones on our list, maybe the first thing you’ll notice is the variety of online slots on offer. Slots are a popular game type because they allow you to relax and have some fun without having to think too much about strategy. However, although the outcome of slots is totally random, Online Casino 1 still has some tips to share so you can make the best of today's online slots.

Top tips for winning big on slots by Online Casino 1

Slots can be fun and highly entertaining, but they can also drain your bankroll pretty quickly. That’s why unless you’re a confident high roller, we don’t recommend placing the maximum bet on slots, since this can be up to £250 for each spin. By placing lower bets you’ll be able to enjoy playing for longer without having risked too much, which makes it more fun and relaxing for you. Here are a few other tips by

Find a jackpot game with the same potential irrespective of the bet amount – Some progressive slots offer huge progressive jackpots which unfortunately are only accessible for those who place the maximum bet. Try to find a slot which offers the possibility of winning a huge jackpot even if you place lower bets. Mega Moolah slot is one example; whether you play 1p or the maximum per spin, you’ll still be in with a chance of winning the jackpot of over a million, since the bonus round is totally random (although higher bets do increase the chance to trigger this round).

Choose a game with great bonus features – A bonus round can significantly boost your winnings on a slot game. Choose a game which offers a particularly rewarding free spins round or bonus game, such as one with win multipliers, expanding reels or re-spins at every win. If you do land a big win on this round, we also recommend calling it a day and quitting the slot so as not to risk losing your winnings.

Choose a low variance game – If you intend to bet low amounts and would like to play for longer, low variance games have the advantage of rewarding you with smaller wins along the way, and this makes for a more entertaining gameplay.

Consult slot reviews – nowadays you’ll find online reviews about any new slot. It’s wise to check out a few unbiased reviews in order to learn about others’ experiences. Of course, rewards on slots are totally random, but reviews can tell you a lot about hit frequency, the benefits of bonus rounds, as well as about other characteristics such as RTP and volatility.

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The number of slots available at online casinos these days is huge, and online casinos are adding new titles to their portfolio every month. If you join one of the casinos on our list, you’ll be able to try them all for free or for real money. Play hundreds of slots for free and choose the ones you like the most for your real money spins; our online casinos will keep you entertained for days on end!